How to Clean Your Kitchen with One Lemon




We already know cleaning solutions are really bad, they are made with toxic chemicals that at best can trigger respiratory problems and skin irritations, at worst have even been linked to cancer. But there is an alternative, nature. Mother Nature has provided us with the tools to clean effectively and in a non-toxic way, plus it smell delicious! Lemons are great to clean with because they are naturally antibacterial and grease cutters! With one lemon you can the microwave, my counters and the garbage disposal. Here is how…

How to clean your kitchen with one lemon

Get your materials ready
  • You will need a glass bowl (big enough to hold 2 cups of water)
  • One lemon
  • 3 cups of water
  • Spray bottle (I like glass bottles like this one, or you can reuse a Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar like this)
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Cotton towel (microfiber works great too because you can use to dust before hand, find some here)

Clean the microwave

Cut your lemon in half cover it with the water and place the bowl in the microwave uncovered. Cooking time 5 minutes. But if you microwave looks like mine, like it hadn’t been cleaned since 2005…add another 5 minutes. Remove the bowl carefully, it’s hot! Then with a cotton towel just wipe clean! For stubborn caked on mess (yeah mine was that bad) dip the towel in the water then wipe.

Step 3. Make a cleaning solution
Let the lemon water cool off a bit then add equal parts lemon water and white distilled vinegar into your spray bottle. I recommend a small bottle, because you won’t need that much solution and the lemon water can get moldy if not used within a couple days. Mix together and knock yourself out cleaning anything, the counters, the stove…you know that grime that builds up on top of the fridge? Perfect for that!
Step 4. Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal

Send the lemons down the sink drain run your faucet just a little and turn of the garbage disposal! It deodorizes and reduces the growth of bacteria that may be lurking there, and I assure you it’ll smell delicious!
There you go, all that with just one lemon!

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom to her curly-haired two year old son, a nursing student, dog lover, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to share her tips on making green and healthy living attainable to families getting
started in the wonderful world of eco-consciousness. She believes in
real food and living as natural as possible…and why not, leaving behind a
better planet for our children.


  1. Great cleaning tips. I love wiping my counters down with lemons. My kitchen smells great afterwards.

  2. I will give this a try. My 3 year old grand-niece loves to help clean & I love teaching her natural approaches to everything. Thanks for the tip.~Sonya

  3. This sounds great. My 3 year old gran-niece, loves to help me clean & I love to teach her natural approaches to everything. She’ll love this, & so will I.

  4. If you don’t want to experience the moldy water part-leave the water out of the equation for the squirt bottle…..My friend told us to throw used up lemons into a jar with distilled vinegar and then use to clean ANYTHING!! It works GREAT!! Floors, toilets, etc……

  5. Awesome! Love this – it’s so efficient…I like the way you think 😉

  6. Can you put a link on your helpful hints so that we can pin them to save for later reading?

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