DIY: Natural Eye Makeup Remover

This is why I don’t like conventional eye makeup removers:

  • They are expensive, anywhere from $7.99 for Neutrogena to $28 for Lancome.
  • The ingredients lists are at best sketchy, at worst highly toxic (and that goes in your eyes!)
  • Some don’t really get the job done

The picture above can be found on a website called Special Chem, geared towards the makeup manufacturing industry. This one is titled “mild eye makeup remover” but take the PEG family in consideration, they are often contaminated with  1, 4-dioxane, lead and arsenic. PEGs open the pores on the skin enabling toxins to easily enter the body. Also, that nice scent some have, is usually phthalates, endocrine disruptors (read more here).
There is one simple solution to this. Make your own. It’s natural, extremely economical and healthy for your eyes.

Natural eye makeup remover

You’ll need..

  • Cotton swabs
  • Organic raw coconut oil
  • A small container

Melt about 1/2 tsp at room temperature, it’s really cold where I live right now so even thought my home is kept warm the coconut oil stays solid, if that is the case you can simple put it near a stove while cooking. Damp each cotton swab (lightly, you don’t want it dripping with oil) and place in container, I found my at the Container Store.
That’s it! You can use it when removing your eye makeup at night or to correct any mistakes when putting on your makeup! Coconut oil is such a marvelous thing, it contains antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. If used topically it’s highly effective at moisturizing the skin and it reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes(link). You don’t need to worry about the shelf life because coconut oil will not go rancid, it takes a really long time for coconut oil to go bad. Add a cute ribbon and tag and this could make a cute simple DIY gift, too!

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  1. I have a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom now! Never thought to use it as an eye makeup remover! What a great and versatile product! I love coconut oil!

  2. What sub can I used for cocunut oil….I’m allergic 🙁 to cocunut.

  3. What sub can I used for cocunut oil….I’m allergic 🙁 to cocunut.

    • @Maxbehmer That’s a bummer 🙁 coconut is so wonderful! I tired a couple different oils before deciding I would use coconut for this post, but pretty much any fruit oil would work, olive worked wonderfully, too. I hope that helps!

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