Green Cleaning: Orange-Infused Vinegar

You know I am not a fan of conventional cleaning products; they are highly toxic. Their effects range from skin irritation to even cancer, they are bad for the environment, and God forbid little Junior got a hold of one of those bottles under the sink!

Vinegar is so versatile; it can clean almost anything. I said anything because caked on grease or soap scum can be a challenge even for vinegar but when orange and vinegar come together they can virtually clean anything! The oil from orange peels is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal (source), it cuts easily through grease and it is great on furniture, too.
If you don’t like the smell of vinegar you’d like this one. Vinegar smell doesn’t really bother me to begin with but the sweet smell of orange is definitely a plus. Although not as potent as I would like it, the sweet orange smell is detectable and does a great job at masking the potency of white vinegar.
Orange-Infused Vinegar Recipe
Green Cleaning: Orange Infused Vinegar


Ingredients (16 oz)
  • 16 oz white distilled vinegar
  • Orange peels (from about 2 or 3)
1. Collect the peels of about 2 or 3 medium size oranges and stuffed into a 3 cup Ball Jar until tightly packed . Any other glass container will do, to be even greener and frugal you could reuse a spaghetti sauce jar.
2. Pour about 2 cups of white distilled vinegar almost to the brim. Close lid.
3. Let it infused for about two weeks. Tip jar a couple times every couple days.
4. after two week, remove peels and discard.
5. Dilute vinegar to equal parts water. My spray bottle can hold a little over two cups so I just mix 1 cup vinegar per 1 cup water.
6. Have fun cleaning!

Keep your diluted mixture at hand but leave some undiluted for “emergencies”, for those really hard to clean messes.  Happy cleaning!

This tutorial can be seen at: Recipe Exchange , Domestically Divine, Fat Tuesdays, Living Green Tuesday,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How long will this mixture keep for? When should unused mixture be thrown out and a new batch made? Mine is about a year old and i haven’t used it yet, because I didn’t know the answer. I also did not know to dilute it so I’m glad I saw this. Does it need to be diluted? Thank you.

    • If it’s not mixed with water I wouldn’t worry too much about shelf life. Check yours to see if it’s smells funny or if a white film has started to form on top; if so, don’t use it–otherwise it should be okay to use. You certainly don’t have to dilute it, I do it because mixing equal parts with water is more than enough since a little goes a long way. As I mentioned on the post, I keep some undiluted for emergencies and a diluted mix for every day cleaning. Hope that helps!

    • Vinegar is a preservative (think pickles) so there is no reason to worry about bacteria. I love the idea of using infused vinegars for cleaning – great idea!

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