Book Review: Feed Your Fertility

Have you ever been told you have an unexplained infertility, taking longer than usual to conceive, or simply are planning to conceive in the future and want to make sure your body and mind are fully prepared?

It is heart breaking when couples have a hard time conceiving, many women don’t expect to ever have issues in this area. So what do you do then?

Feed Your Fertility
In this book the authors, with a lot of heart and sensibility, cover infertility not only as a reproductive issue but a as a whole; from every aspect of life that can be affecting your chances to become pregnant, the myths out there, the relationship between Western and Chinese Medicine, and how to take charge on your own body!

The authors 

It is written by Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich, both Licensed Acupuncturists; Emily is a Chinese Medicine practitioner and has dedicated much of her practice to integrative fertility medicine; she is also author of The Eczema Cure and of one of my favorite blogs, Holistic Squid; Laura is also a Doula and herbalist an author of A Bao in the Oven.

What’s inside 
Here is a sample of some of the topics covered:

  • Cultivating Fertility
  • Chinese Medicine and Fertility
  • The Infertility Lifestyle: How your lifestyle is hindering pregnancy
  • Traditional Diets and Fertility
  •  Vitamins & Supplements for Fertility 
  • Dealing with Obstacles
  • Navigating the Medical Fertility World

 As the title suggest, food (from what should be avoided to what should be consumed) plays a starting role, but many other topics have important supporting roles

“The title we chose, Feed Your Fertility, has to do with a lot more than food. We believe that, in order to truly nourish yourself in a meaningful way, all aspects of your life must be “fed.” That means paying attention to your relationships, your lifestyle habits, and all of the nuances that go into making you feel healthy, inside and out”

– Feed Your Fertility     
What you’ll learn
With this comprehensive and thorough book, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand your cycle, and nourish your fertility with Real Food
  • Understand the basics of Chinese Medicine for fertility as well as how to integrate West and East
  • Understand why stress is dubbed “the baby blocker”
  • how to eliminate toxins
  • Debunk the myth of “fertility diets”
  • What a dentist’s discoveries have to do with your fertility
  • Understand how and why to eat the things you should be eating
  • What to do if more challenging issues are present; such as, advanced maternal age, miscarriage, endometriosis, fribroids and polyps, irregular or no ovulation, PCOS, thryroid problems
  • Understand what is “unexplained infertility”
  • An how to navigate the Western Medicine fertility world; from lab work ups to IVF

Most of us weren’t brought up in households were food and wellness were the focus, but that doesn’t mean as adults we have to accept the fruits of that previous lifestyle. If you are having a hard time conceiving, or are just ready to start trying, you can take charge or your body, your health, and mind, NOW.

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