Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub

Sweet organge coffee body scrub

What’s not to enjoy about body scrubs? The feeling of pampering one’s skin is utterly relaxing. Even better when the ingredients are nothing but nurturing and nourishing to the skin, instead of sketchy, potentially toxic chemicals. Commercially available scrubs are full of ingredients that have been link anywhere from skin irritants to carcinogens (read more about the dangers of these ingredients here).

I love making my own body scrubs because I know I am only using clean ingredients, and in the case of this coffee scrub, the frugality of reusing coffee grounds. Of course you can use coffee grounds that haven’t been used, but I find that once they have served their purpose of perking me up in the morning they still work perfectly at exfoliating the skin.

Can coffee scrubs prevent cellulite?

A quick Google search will yield thousand of anecdotal evidence that it works, but in my opinion there isn’t enough evidence to prove it. When you use coffee grounds that haven’t been brewed yet I do notice my skin feeling a bit firmer than usual. From that to claim that it will get rid of cellulite I think it’s a bit of a stretch. You can be the judge.

There is no disputing, though, that body scrubs help remove dead cells from skin, prevent acne, and soften your skin. That I can attest to.

Sweet orange coffee body scrub

Sweet Orange Coffee Body Scrub

In a separate bowl add all the ingredients and combine until a homogenous mixture. Transfer to container of choice. I like to use these 8 oz Mason jars, they are perfect size.

All these ingredients work together beautifully. The coffee and sugar will exfoliate your skin, so will the salts, but by using Epsom salts have the added benefits of increasing magnesium levels. The oil will leave the skin soft and smooth, and sweet orange essential oil is said to improve anxiety and boost mood! This is the perfect scrub to perk you up during the morning shower or in preparation for a night out on the town. Enjoy!


Guest Post: Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub
Author: Naturally Mindful
  • 6 Tbs coffee ground
  • 3 Tbs Epsom Salts
  • 3 Tbs sugar
  • 2 1/2 Tbs jojoba oil
  • 15 drops of pure sweet orange essential oil
  1. In a separate bowl add all the ingredients and combine until a homogenous mixture. Transfer to container of choice.


Coffee body scrub



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  1. Hi! I found this recipe a couple months ago and was looking forward to making it. Now the links don’t seem to be working and I can’t find the recipe anywhere. Is Soundness of Body & Mind’s blog still up and running? Please let me know where I can find the recipe. Thank you!

    • Hi Abigail. It seems her site is down. I will email Rachel at Soundness of Body and Mind. If she no longer will have this post on her blog I will publish it here. Please check back in a couple day. Thank you.

  2. This sounds like a lovely scrub but please be careful to avoid moisture getting into it. Nasties grow long before you see them and with no preservative in it, they will grow within a matter of days. I know I do not want to shower with microbs that can harm me.

    • Haven, good point. In fact, if the grounds have been previously used mold can grow faster (since the grounds were mixed with water), if they were not previously used it can last longer. The amount I make only lasts me a couple weeks and I have never seen mold grow. Thanks for adding this.

  3. Hello,

    Why do you use epsom salt? I looked it up on Wikipedia, because in my country it is not really used and it doesn’t read very healthy? Also, since I don’t know where to get that in my country, do you know something that I could use instead? A rely is highly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Anselma, I’m not sure why Epsom Salts are not used/easily found in your country. I do know they are very natural and healthy, it is simple magnesium sulfate. I would use real sea salt, or simply skip and the salts and add more sugar. Hope that helps!

  4. I shared this one on my 10-day awareness challenge for August for Day 4 and it was included as a bonus. =)


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