Should Fevers in Children be Treated?

Should fever in children be treated?

As parents is very unsettling to watch our children in pain and uncomfortable when they are sick. Fevers are especially dreaded by parents. Well, because if there is a fever something must be wrong and something must be done to bring the fever down, right? Maybe.

Treating Fevers Naturally. A parents's guide to keeping their cool while managing fevers in children

So many questions come to mind when dealing with fever in children
  • What are fevers?
  • What causes them?
  • Should children be covered up or not?
  • How to treat more severe symptoms that accompany fevers like febril seizures?
  • How to recognize dehydration symptoms?
  • Most importantly, should fevers be brought down, or encouraged, and if so, how?
Enter Meagan Visser, a registered nurse, herbalist enthusiast, mom of three, and author of Growing Up Herbal. In this book Meagan address two important issues; understanding what fevers are, and understanding how to manage them.
Did you know that a fever is our bodies’ way of attacking any foreign organism, like the flu virus for example? Did you know that this virus enters through our airways because it prefers a cooler environment (the lungs are cooler in comparison to other organs due to air coming in and out) but when our bodies detect the foreign organism it attacks it by raising the body’s temperature to “kill” the virus. So, if we bring down the temperature we are in essence not allowing our bodies to do their job. Meagan explains it better:

“Fevers are a good sign that the immune system is working to heal your child’s body. when you suppress a fever you are suppressing your child’s immune system and telling it not to do what it was designed to”

Okay, so if a fever is a good thing, when is it a bad thing?
In Treating Fevers Naturally Meagan explains what the terms low grade, mid grade, and high grade mean. What to watch out for on each grade, symptoms that may accompany fevers at each grade, and what to do during each level, when to call the doctor, and when to go to the ER.
One thing I found extremely informative was the section on the different stages of fever. Different from the “grades”, they go from stage 1 through stage 4. For example, stage 1 is when the body is heating itself up trying to kill the foreign organism, and one way it does this is by shivering. During this stage you can encourage your child’s body to warm itself up. Really. But during stage 2 is where your child won’t likely feel cold anymore, but rather hot and irritable. Here is where you want to let the body do what it’s supposed to, and make sure your child stays hydrated with sips of warm tea, for instance.
Fascinating isn’t it? Meagan has done a marvelous job explaining the science of a fever and the physiology of your child’s body during a fever. 
What will you learn from Treating Fevers Naturally? 
 After you read this book you will have a deep understanding of:
  • What a fever really is, it’s causes, and it’s purpose
  • How to prevent it, and when to be concerned
  • Treatment options for a fever
  • An arsenal or remedy recipes
Here is why this book appeals to me in two different levels. As a nerdy nursing student I am fascinated by the science explaining the natural processes our bodies go through and I want to see concrete evidence backing it up. So I appreciate her giving me the facts with her extensive research, but after that I want to know as a mom what I need to do. The second part of the book appeals to the mother in me, and the natural mom at that. Treating Fevers Naturally will undoubtedly become my go to guide for a long time to come. Megan provides us with the natural tools necessary for managing fevers at each different stage with her Remedy Recipe Book. 
This is a book that needs to be in every parents library. Because the more we know the more we can be prepared. Because as parents our children’s well-being has no price, right?
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