15 Ways to Use a Dehydrator

I love using my dehydrator, it’s a super easy way to make healthy snack preserving their nutrients since no high temperatures are used. It’s so easy, cut and seasoned if desired, place in dehydrator and forget about it! I am still using my old dehydrator but I have my eye set on this one.

These super appliances can go beyond making fruit leather, you can make yogurt, sprouted flours, and dehydrate nuts and seeds to name a few.

I have collected a few great recipes to inspire you and get you started. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

15 Ways to use a dehydrator


1- Tomato chips 
This is a good way for preserving all the tomatoes for the summer garden. You know, when it feels like you have tomatoes coming out of your ears? This tutorial shows you how to properly dehydrate them and ways to use the.
2- Banana chips
A favorite treat for many, and one of the most popular things to do with a dehydrator.
3- Spiced Banana chips
If you want a little more spice, this recipe by Healthy Roots, Happy Soul would be perfect. I love that for most of these recipes you can get the little ones involved!
What’s not to love about fruit roll-ups, these are not just for kids.
5- Gluten Free and Grain Free Apple Granola
This is one is a great recipe because you can make endless combinations for granola!
6- Cinnamon Coconut Chips
Besides being awesome, this chips are perfect for those on the GAPS diet, My Gutsy shows you hot to make many combinations for spices, chili lime, anyone?
7- Salmon Jerky

Jerky is something I haven’t tried yet, but something I’ really want to do. I’ve booked marked this recipe for future reference. These can be perfect for treats for your furry friends too (don’t forget to omit salt if giving them to your pets).

8- Spicy cheese Kale Chips
Now here is a sure way to bring your kale chips to the next level.

9- Lemon- Pepper Potato Chips
What I love about this recipe is that for potato chip lovers (like me) this is a great way to make potato chips at home and without all the unhealthy oils.
10- Jar O’Soup
I love the the idea of dehydrating all the making this healthy noodle soups versus those terrible instant noodle soups. Perfect for bringing to work for lunch.


11- Yogurt (GAPS friendly)
Using your dehydrator means no need for fancy yogurt makers. You do need a yogurt started (find them here) but the convenience of using the dehydrator can’t be beat.

12- Dehydrating Nuts and Seeds

By soaking and dehydrating nuts and seeds you are removing the anti-nutrients in them, yet preserving the good stuff.

13- Dehydrating herbs

This year I grew for the first time many different herbs and I found this article on growing and using a dehydrator for drying herbs very helpful.

14- Garlic Powder

So simple, so easy, and so healthy. This can be done with garlic or any other root as well. 

15-  Dehydrated Broth
Broth is incredibly nourishing, by dehydrating it you can make “broth jerky” and give it to the the little ones as snacks. You can turn it powder to dehydrate later if making a big batch, or use as powder to season your food. 

Here is an article for getting the most out of your dehydrator. 

Whether you have a top of the line of more economical version, I hope these recipes get you inspired and you get great use from your dehydrator! Will you share below a favorite dehydrator recipe you have?


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  1. Terrific Post! I was just about to go look for some tips for dehydrating herbs.

    Glad to see others enjoying our Jar O Soup. We keep these on hand and in the car. Anywhere we go we can always find someone willing to give us some boiling water. I am working on a little more airline friendly version though, the glass makes it a little more difficult to pack for oversea’s travel.

    So glad you shared this website with me, I am really loving the awesome information!


  2. Awesome! Thanks for directing me here. Gonna get on those kale chips tomorrow!!

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