Homemade Apple-Pomegranate Soda

This is what soda is supposed to be like; fizzy, sweet, refreshing, nourishing, and all naturally.

On my last post I told you about the wonders or water kefir, and now you know this fermented drink is a good ally for our gut health. You can see the quick tutorial how to brew it at home here.
This is what happens after the first fermentation is done and you leave it fermenting a second time.
Homemade Apple-Pomegranate Soda

The second fermentation is what allows this drink to become fizzy like a soda. This is a natural carbonation process as opposed to an artificial one like in soft drinks by adding chemicals to produce the carbonation. This is good ol’ basic chemistry at its best.
I particularly love this drink because it is more palatable than kombucha or beet kwass, for example, for those getting started with fermented drinks. Even my two year old enjoys this drink as an occasional treat–not because I don’t want him drinking more, but because he refuses to drink anything but milk and water, yet this is the only other beverage he drinks. I dilute it with water and serve it in his big boy cup (see it here) and I feel good knowing this drink is incredibly beneficial for his health.
What you’ll need
  • 1 cup of organic apple-pomegranate juice (I found mine at Whole Foods)
After you completed steps 1-9 from the previous post and you have all the water kefir in the swing top bottle, add the sugar, place top and seal shut. Give it a vigorous shake to dissolve all the sugar. Add juice and allow for it to ferment another 24 to 48 hours.
Don’t forget to let the bottle “burp” a couple times a day, by lightly opening the bottle to let some of the gas escape, otherwise the bottle could build up so much gas it will make the bottle explode sending a thousand small pieces of shattered glass everywhere in your kitchen and water kefir splattered on your walls. Yup, it happened to me!
Many will tell you that after the desired fermenting time is up you can transfer the bottle to the fridge, but in my experience this decreases it’s fizziness. I start to drink it after the first 12 hours and by the time the full 48 hours are up, the bottle is empty allowing me to start the next one right away.
In a few days I’ll let you in on what I have learned from brewing water kefir and how to troubleshoot it, including how to rest your grains.
Look at this bubbly goodness!

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Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom to her curly-haired two year old son, a nursing student, dog lover, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to share her tips on making green and healthy living attainable to families getting
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  1. Heather r says:

    Thanks for all of your lovely posts. I really enjoy your site. I started a month or so ago to make water kefir and was making “pop” but found the alcoholic content was very noticeable. I stopped because we don’t drink alcohol (it’s religious and moral for us) and I certainly don’t want my children and nursing baby to have that content of fermentation. Do you ever have that problem? We just drink it now without the 2nd fermentation. It’s great but we loved having the “pop” around too. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks!
    Oh and we too have had kefir explosions. Not the bottle but had Mount St. Kefir in our kitchen, kefir exploding like a rocket to the ceiling- Big Mess! My 4 boys thought it was the coolest thing they ever saw. They ask me to purposely do it now. It turned out to be a great homeschooling lesson on science anyways! Thanks again

    • Hi Heather, thank you for visiting! I bet that was one cool “science class” for the boys! I hear ya on the alcohol content, it is the reason I’ve taken a break from it (since I am pregnant). There is a way to measure the level of alcohol by volume at home. I have personally not tried it and I an not very sure how to do it. I do know you need a hydrometer (like this one I found on amazon) and if you search online for how to measure alcohol volume on home brewed drinks you’ll find the instructions. Drinking it right after the first fermentation is fine but I understand wanting the fizz from the second ferment; you could try a 12-hours or less 2nd ferment, or maybe you could add some mineral water to it, just a thought. Hope that helps!


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