My Guest Post at Girl Meets Nourishment: Soft Scrub & Mold Killer for Tub and Tile

I know not many people like to scrub the bathroom, I actually do like it. I know weird. The bathroom is just one of those places one must keep up with, or it can easily get out control.

Especially if your bathroom has no windows or any other type of ventilation mold can be a real problem.

Luckily here is a all-natural soft scrub that plays two roles, clean, and kill mold.

This recipe can be found at one of my favorite blogs, Girl Meets Nourishment. Pay Katie a visit and the the full recipe for this soft scrub

Visit Girl Meets Nourishment here –>

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes

Looking for recipes for green cleaners?

This is the perfect book just for that, in fact it is my favorite book. Packed full of nontoxic, easy to make, green cleaner recipes. Heather Dessinger has taken out the hassle out of trying lots of recipes, sometimes with no success. Every recipe works, and works well. From citrus all-purpose spray to mold and mildew remover, this book has every recipe you’ll need. Learn more HERE.

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