Homemade Dandelion Oil for Pain and Headaches

 Dandelion oil

Today I have the pleasure to have Kayla, author of ApotheKayla, as a guest poster. If you aren’t familiar with her work be sure to stop by her blog. Some of my favorite posts by Kayla are this Mineral Makeup for Any Skin Tone, and this Healing Salve. If you like to learn about natural living, Kayla will have something for you!

Many things change when you begin to look at the world with your “non-toxic” goggles on. Searching for 100% natural products can be a chore; you may even feel like giving up at some point. So did I…

My name is Kayla, I write about 100% natural health and beauty products over at ApotheKayla, when I began my journey into the all natural world I went through a phase of asking questions.   “Why do we even have to bother to search for natural foods”, “how are they [big companies] allowed to sell food-like products that make us sick” and my favorite “where can I move myself and family to in this world where I don’t have to stress about the food I eat, or products I use on my body”.

The “why’s” quickly turned to “what’s”, I learned to accept the world for what it was, and I wanted to know what my next step was. I invested in several foraging books, homestead books, and starting learning by reading blogs like this one. I bought chickens, started a non-gmo garden, and learned to question all of the foods and products I always loved.   So far it has been an amazing journey, I have always been plus-sized and most of my life I have been on some type of medicine. When I started paying attention to what I put on my body and what foods I ate, my health problems have quickly diminished and so far I have lost over 100 lbs.  I love this website (Naturally Mindful) and I am honored to be able to share a little bit about myself here. I wanted to share a recipe with you all that I love. This is one I started using after researching the flowers and plants that are already growing in my yard, and guess what? The main ingredient is a weed.

Enter Dandelion

Dandelion oil has amazing healing powers, and works instantly. When you first apply the “Dandy Oil” you will feel a warm sensation and then immediate relief. If you notice that you have muscle pain simply rub a dime sized amount directly on the part of your body that is bothering you.

If you are suffering from a headache, rub a pea sized amount on the back of your neck.

Dandy oil

If you are interested in learning more about me and my journey feel free to check out my blog. If you are new to the all natural lifestyle, keep your head up, take baby steps, and remember there are many of us on this journey. Together, one recipe at a time, we can change the world!! -Kayla

Meet Kayla


Kayla Winter is the author of Apothekayla (www.apothekayla.com) she spends most of her free      time trying to make her home as self-sustainable as possible. She believes that holistic health and beauty is a human right and strives to help people obtain it. She is currently a senior in college working towards her bachelors degree in journalism and mass communications. After college she plans to continue writing about things that inspire her while helping others. Find ApotheKayla on Facebook, and on Pinterest.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom to her curly-haired two year old son, a nursing student, dog lover, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to share her tips on making green and healthy living attainable to families getting
started in the wonderful world of eco-consciousness. She believes in
real food and living as natural as possible…and why not, leaving behind a
better planet for our children.


  1. I can’t wait for spring, so that I can try this!!! So simple, too.

  2. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Susan Rogers says:

    Look forward to learning lots of new things here.

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