The Ultimate Guide to Green Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Gal



Do you have an Eco-friendly gal in your shopping list for this holidays and drawing a blank what to buy them? Or are you an Eco-girl and want to make sure this year’s giving is as green as possible?

The holidays is one time we Eco-consumers feel a bit conflicted. On one hand we love the spirit of giving and receiving, but on the other hand we cringe at the thought of all that wrapping paper that ends up in the trash, for example. *deep breath* I can feel an anxiety attack coming at the thought of all the thousands upon thousands of [mostly unnecessary] items given as gifts during the holidays, and all the wrapping and packaging in which they come. After all, we have come to associate the image of the happy person in a cheerful sweater with her hands full of shopping bags happily trotting down the mall’s halls with the spirit of the holiday season. But I digress.

When shopping for Eco-friendly gifts keep some of these key words in mind. You’ll be gentle on the planet, and most likely gentle on your pocket as well!



Think local, supporting small businesses is important, but particularly if those are local. Think artisan, hand crafted items. I know the local love has been spreading and many cities offer sort of a one-top shop for local items. Local farmer markets (for those lucky to be in warmer climate this time of year) are great places to find local handcrafted items.

If you happen to live in Central Ohio, like I do, Celebrate Local is a store dedicated to only Ohio products. From upcycled spoons turned jewelry, to gourmets salsas; you are sure to find something there. Check Etsy, an e-commerce community of artists, you can search by location to find anything  handmade and unique gifts near you.


Here think of low impact on the planet: fair trade, renewable materials.  Renewable materials not only consume less natural resource in their preparation, but also are less problematic to dispose of at the end of their life cycle. Look for natural materials like bamboo or hemp, or from recycled and upcycled items or materials such as recycled plastic.



Set of 11 bamboo makeup brushes, $27. 22 oz glass bottle, $20.81. Set of 100%domestic wool dryer balls, $34.99. Stainless steel 1 gal. compost bin, $26.95.

This sounds like a given, but I really dislike a gift what won’t be used. Eco-gals dislike unused items just as much as we dislike non recyclable items. And don’t forget, if it’s something that will have an end to it’s useful life, look for materials that can be easily disposed of (like easily recyclable or biodegradable).



Set of 3 reusable bags, $29.99. Stainless steel lunch container, $19.99.  Set of 24 pewter daisy Mason jar lids, $24.99. 4 Reusable stainless steel straws, $8.80.

What’s even better than a recyclable item? One that produces no waste at all. So here think of reusable alternatives to average, everyday items, such as reusable snack bags, straws, etc.



Natural skincare starter set, $53.99. Organic beeswax candle, $14.99. Organic cotton yoga top, $28. Handcrafted organic skincare.

Eco-gals are very mindful of the toxins in conventional products, and we strive for a life as free of harmful toxins as possible. All-natural skincare, all-household products, non-plastic containers, come to mind. If the gal you are shopping for is on the fashionista side, natural makeup and organic clothing will definite be a hit.


Other ideas:


Below are some of my favorite green items and sure to be a hit with any Eco-girl!

Nontoxic yoga mat, $15.95. Reusable snack bag, $7.99. Large nonstick silicone baking, $20.70. 5 Piece Fido Jars set.

Gift Wrapping Lastly, Don’t forget about going green when gift wrapping. Here are some ideas:

  • Reuse paper, ribbons or bags from previous years
  • Only use material that can be easily recycled
  • Use reusable bag as gift bags
  • Make your own tags from recycled paper or recycled card stock

May your holidays be merry and green!


photo credit: decor8 via photopin cc

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