Easiest Ever Wipe Bits

Wipe bits! Place one in a bottle of water and it turn it into a baby wipes solution. Genius! If you are a cloth diapering mama, you get excited about any topic related to cloth diapers, am I right? Now imagine reading a whole blog dedicated to cloth diapers!? I could spend all day reading Courtney’s blog, Diaper Wrecker. From guides like Options for Diapering a Newborn, or The Best AIO Diapers for 2013, to DIY recipes like her newest post 20 Recipes for Homemade Baby Products. Visit Courtney and see why I love her blog!

Have you ever heard of wipe bits?

These little cubes are dissolved in hot water to form a baby wipe solution. Once the solution is made, you can put it in a spray bottle to keep on baby’s changing table, or you can use it to pre-soak cloth wipes (or paper towels if you need disposable wipes).


Whether you already use and love wipe bits or you’re just hearing about them for the first time, I have good news for you. They’re easy and inexpensive to make, and if you make just one batch of them when you’re pregnant, I guarantee you’ll still have some left over after that baby of yours is potty trained. Four little words: MELT AND POUR SOAP.


You’ll Need:
  1. Cut melt and pour soap base into cubes. Measure approximately 12 ounces using a kitchen scale.
  2. Heat soap in microwave using 50% power and stirring every 30-45 seconds until fully melted.
  3. Stir in essential oils – generally only a few drops are needed!
  4. Pour into molds.
  5. Refrigerate about 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from mold; store in an airtight tin or bag.
To Use:
  • Pour 1-2 cups boiling water over one cube.
  • Store solution in a spray bottle, or pour over wipes in plastic container.

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