How to Stock a Healthy Pantry + a $275 Giveaway to Get You Started!

How to stock a healthy pantry + a $275 giveaway to help you get started!

My road to Real Food has been a long process. I continue to learn, and my palate continues to discover.

But it can be overwhelming. I know.

Having a healthy stock pantry is like opening a store and not knowing what your inventory is. A well-stocked pantry is the foundation for not just good, healthy meals, but for making sure Real Food is always on your family’s table.

Here are three tips that I follow when stocking my pantry.

1. The Basics

Learning what some of the Real Foodies’ basics are is a must. Grains, flours, oils, vinegars, spices, jarred foods, condiments, fats, and sweeteners, are in my opinion the basics.

2. Bulk

Buying items in bulk allows you to always have enough and the plus side is items are usually more economical when purchased in bulk.

3. Quality

A Real Foodie goes the extra length to learn what the true healthy and good quality items are. Before my own pantry transformation “healthy grains” meant to me whole grain pasta, good fats meant organic canola oil (I can hear you snickering!). Now I know about sprouted flours, ghee and coconut oil to mention just a few.

To help you get started, some of my friends and favorite foodie bloggers and I have come together on this giveaway, a Real Foodie’s dream giveaway! We have come together and we are bringing our favorite items with us!

Loriel, Kristin, Stephanie, Kristen, Jessica, and Tara

Good looking bunch, don’t you think? 🙂


Healthy Pantry Giveaway

Check out all these amazing items!

Loriel from Healthy Roots, Happy Soul:

Real Salt Sea Salt 

– Einkorn Flour

– Rapadura Sugar

– Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate

Kristen from Live Simply:

– Oats 16oz. pack of 4

– Enjoy Life Chocolate chips Pack of 2

– Ghee

– Whole Wheat Pastry flour

Kristen from Rethink Simple:

– Coconut Oil

– 6 BAGS! of Coconut Flour

Jessica from Scratch Mommy:

– Organic Raw Honey

– Grade B Maple Syrup

– Himalayan Pink Salt

Tara from We Got Real

– Bariani Olive Oil

– Bragg’s ACV

Yours truly:

– Live Organic Water Kefir Grains (1/4 cup). Check out here my quick tutorial on water kefir.

– Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin

– 1 lb Organic Dry Elderberries. Learn how to make these elderberry gummies using gelatin and elderberries here.

One really important thing to know after stocking your pantry is what do you do with these items! Visit my friends’ blogs by clicking on their names above, to get recipes using the items from this giveaway!

How to win

  1. Check out one of the items I’m giving away HERE
  2. Tell me in the comments what would you make with it?
  3. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to submit and confirm your entries
Terms and Conditions:

This giveaway ends Jan. 29 at 11:59pm. A winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter. We will announce the lucky winner within 24 hours of the contest’s end. The winner will have 48 hours to contact a blogger in this giveaway with his/her full name, address, and phone number. There is no purchase necessary to win. This giveaway is open to everyone, but items will only be shipped to U.S. Winners who live outside of the US will receive gift cards. By entering this giveaway you are subscribing to ALL our newsletters, you may unsubscribe anytime after giveaway is over.


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About Stephanie

Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom to her curly-haired two year old son, a nursing student, dog lover, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to share her tips on making green and healthy living attainable to families getting
started in the wonderful world of eco-consciousness. She believes in
real food and living as natural as possible…and why not, leaving behind a
better planet for our children.


  1. Heather K says:

    I would use the gelatin to make one of the healthy gummy recipes I’m always seeing!!

  2. I would love the make elderberry syrup & water kefir! I’m sure my kids would love some gummies from the gelatin as well.

  3. I have seen so many yummy-looking “gummy” recipes that call for this gelatin. I would love to try some of them!

  4. I would use the gelatin to either make one of the healthy gummy/gelatin recipes I keep seeing or to make one of the recipes I have in my cookbooks that call for it as an ingredient.

  5. Hilary rosenthal says:

    I would use the gelatin to add to my tea for extra protein and it’s healing properties

  6. Stephanie W says:

    I would make healthy snacks for the kids for their school lunches and use it in everything I can to help with joints and to improve hair and nails!

  7. I have been wanting to try making homemade gummies, my fav candy, but not so good for you, so this would be great!

  8. I would make some of my special “cookie dough” cups 🙂

  9. I would make magnesium chews for my daughter and I.

  10. I use gelatin for skincare – to make a less expensive (and healthier) version of biore strips – just gelatin and heavy cream.

  11. Anne Perry says:

    Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin, Kosher

    I’d make elderberry vitamins

  12. I would use it to make elderberry gummies!!! You’ll never guess where I found the recipe. 😀 What an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. Good luck everyone.

  13. Giveaway sounds interesting these are things I’d like to try but, wouldn’t buy on my own.

  14. David Bell says:

    Never used it before but always willing to try something new

  15. Rachel Reeves says:

    I second Heather’s response. I have a child with a lot of allergies so things with lots of preservatives are hard for him (i.e. store bought), so making some of those healthy fruit gummies at home would be great!

  16. I would make gummy fruit snacks.

  17. Carol Plowman says:

    I am not sure what I would make. I would check out your recipes on your site and choose from there.

  18. I’d use the gelatin to make grain free pancakes or just add it to my coffee for a gelatin boost daily. Thanks for the chance.

  19. I would use it in tea in the morning to help grow my hair and nails.

  20. I don’t know what i would make with the gelatin…

  21. Elisha Gallagher says:

    I would use the gelatin to make gummy snacks for my daughter, then many other things I’m sure!!!

  22. Shannon c says:

    I would make some homemade gummy treats for my students!

  23. Courtney B says:

    I would make lots of baked goods with the coconut flour, lots of the honey in my tea regularly.

  24. I would make some healthy gummy treats with some of my homebrewed kombucha.

  25. I would make a pudding with the gelatin and maybe licorice. Thanks!

  26. I would use the Great Lakes Gelatin to make some yummy gummies. I hear it’s nice to add it to your coffee as well. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  27. I would make pumpkin pie gelatin cubes!

  28. Stephanie says:

    I would make some kombucha jigglers.

  29. Danielle F says:

    I’d make adult gummy vit-C’s. Healthy and fun!

  30. Karen Wood says:

    I would make some Elderberry-Cherry-Rosehip-Ginger gummies.

  31. Coconut water kefir, homemade jello it would all be SOO great!

  32. I would make a creamy chicken noodle soup with homemade broth and the gelatin to thicken it up

  33. Great information. Lucky me I came across your website
    by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  34. I would be so excited to try and make marshmallow fluff with he gelatin. My husband will only eat fruit dipped in fluff mixed with strawberry cream cheese. I would love to make it a more real food experience for him.

  35. As a vegetarian I wouldn’t use the gelatin but I would certainly give it to a good friend who would love to use it!

  36. Pumpkin pie gelatin squares! Yum!

  37. I would make a batch of Jigglers 🙂

  38. Elderberry Gummies sound wonderful!

  39. I would love to make elderberry and linden flower gummies for my kids. I would also love to make bone broth and keep in the freezer for those horrible times when a stomach bug runs rampant through the house.

  40. mickey louth says:

    I have not used geletin before, but IKnoe it is good for you. I would like to try the gummies for health I’ve seen lately.

  41. I would make gummy snacks sweetened with real fruit!

  42. I would attempt (once again) to make make my own marshmallows. The first time I didn’t mix long enough and the second time, I mixed too long. Third time’s the charm, right?!

  43. I Would MakE Homemade Gummy Vitamins

  44. Yum!! I am so new to this healthy lifestyle change-up
    I am like a sponge trying to take it all in!
    Let’s see..lately I have been collecting recipes recommending Great Lakes gelatin. are some
    Of the most enticing :
    *chewable gummy vitamins for my littles, my strong
    Man and I
    * marshmallows!!!!! Yum!!!!!

    Really excited about getting our healthy on!
    Lots of love and respect from NC

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