Homemade Calming Baby Powder

Homemade Calming Baby Powder. All natural, talc-free, 3 ingredients!

Baby powder is one of those quintessential baby products. We picture a sweet scent, a mom putting it over a soft baby bum…an idyllic picture. Until we look closer at the ingredients in commercial baby powder.

According to the Johnson & Johnson official website they list two ingredeints: talc and fragrance. Before we break these two down, it’s worth mentioning that the cosmetic industry in the United States is not strictly regulated and manufacturers are protected under “trade secret” so they don’t have to disclose all of their ingredients. (Read this post for more information on this).

  • Talc: Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral made up of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The concern about talc is that up until 1970 it contained asbestos. Supposedly, all talc used for cosmetics purposes is asbestos-free, but even the American Cancer Society admits that is still not very clear (source). The Environmental working Group says that even asbestos free talc is a form of magnesium silicate, which can be toxic and carcinogenic (source). Still, the American Cancer Society warns about a link between talc and ovarian cancer.
  • Fragrance: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports that it is hard to know what really is in “fragrance” due to the “trade secrets”. However, it is well known that most forms of fragrance are composed of synthetic ingredients known as phthalates. Phthalates have a strong link to hormone disruption. (Read this post for  more detailed information.)

I think we can all agree that commercial baby powder should be avoided all together.

Do you agree?

Great! Let’s move onto a natural version of this crap.

Homemade Calming Baby Powder

I have been on a quest not just to avoid commercial baby and beauty products, but a way to replace them with a natural version. I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite books, DIY  Organic Beauty Recipes, a great source for lots of homemade natural recipes.


In a food processor or a high speed blender blank the calndendula petals into a very fine powder and set aside. Measure the clay and arrowroot flour, I use a food scale like this one. Add all three ingredients into an empty and clean spice jar or bottle. Add essential oils if desired.

These ingredients are very natural, non-toxic, and help absorb any moisture. The calendula petals are well known for their calming properties when applied on the skin.

Shelf life about 6 month.

There you go a super easy, natural, way to pamper baby (or mom!). This can be perfect in combination with my baby wash and shampoo and baby oil for a very thoughtful baby shower gift. As a matter of fact, it is what I am working on for a friend.

(Alma, don’t read this!)

Homemade Calming Baby Powder
Author: Naturally Mindful
  • 2 oz Bentonite Clay
  • 6 Tbs arrowroot flour (sometimes found as “powder”)
  • 1/2 dry calendula petals
  • 10 drops pure essential oils of chamomile or lavender, optional
  1. In a food processor or a high speed blender blank the calndendula petals into a very fine powder and set aside
  2. Measure the clay and arrowroot flour
  3. Add all three ingredients into an empty and clean spice jar or bottle.
  4. Add essential oils if desired

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Homemade Calming Baby Powder. All naturalm talc-free, 3 ingredients!


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  1. How much calendula petals do you use? It says 1/2…..does that mean 1/2 cup?

  2. What a great recipe! It is so nice to have found a natural alternative to that store bought stuff that’s not so healthy!

  3. I need to just break down and buy bentonite clay because I keep blowing off DIY’s that call for it. This is a great reason to splurge. Thank you!

  4. Love this! I am going to make up some for a few baby bundles I have to prepare.

  5. Love this (PINNING)! Have never thought of making my own. I also go thru a TON of baby powder (talc free) in the summers because it’s like MAGIC in removing sand from the kiddos’ skin. I will definitely have to try this bc I’d rather use something I made (and know exactly what’s in)! For the flower petals, do you just buy them fresh and use them once they’ve dried?

    • Thank you Kristen! I just buy the dry petals in bulk. I’m going to try to plant my own this year but for now buying a pound of dry petals at a time is convenient and more economic in bulk!

  6. What a fantastic recipe! I’m pinning this so I can come back to it later. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great recipe! Pinning…

    Would you mind sharing your source for calendula flower petals? I won’t be able to grow my own until this summer and I’d like to try making some for the family before then!

  8. Bentonite clay is amazing for so many things! I hadn’t thought of using it for baby powder. Great idea!

  9. Great post, I’ll definitely be sharing!

  10. ohiograndma says:

    With the Grand Children – and using baby powder myself – I am anxious to try your recipe. But I have a question: what do you think about cornstarch in a baby powder? Is there a reason you chose betonite clay instead of cornstarch? Thanks for answering my question!

    • Hi Grandma, you could use cornstarch, in this recipe the arrowroot powder is replacing the cornstarch. The reason I decided not to use it is because some people are allergic to grains, corn is a grain, and because most cornstarch available commercially is likely a product of genetically modified seeds. But if you can find organic cornstarch and there are no sensitives to it, go for it!

      • bhavani says:

        Hi, Its nice to know that I can make baby powder at home,
        Does Cornstarch gives the same effect as bentonite.
        Let me know if I can use any other flower petals
        If im using bentonite, which one should i use, is it Calcium / Sodium /….. Thanks

        • Bhavani, cornstarch will work like the arrowroot flour, I didn’t use it in this recipe because some have sensitivities to corn and most commercial cornstarch is from GMO corn.

  11. Does the bentonite clay come in powder form? That’s what I see on amazon. I’m new to all this 🙂

  12. Awesome recipe! Is the label that you have pictured available to print?

    • Thank you, Lindsay. It is not available at the moment, but I have been meaning to add a printable PDF document with the labels for some of my products, I guess I should really get on it 🙂


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