Is Bamboo Safe and Eco-friendly?

Is bamboo safe and eco-friendly?

Are you still using a plastic cutting board?

Tsk, tsk. It’s okay, really. I have to confess in my pre-green days plastic was all I used. I mean, plastic is cheap and convenient, so I get it. But there are a few issues with using plastic in the kitchen:

  • Made from petrochemicals
  • Poses environmental risks: drilling, importing materials, transporting, pollution from manufacturing
  • They wear down quickly
  • Bacteria can live in the tiny crevices left by knife marks that happen over time
  • They are non-recyclable

So ditching the plastic is no-brainer. But, what should we switch to?

I am a big fan of bamboo. Besides being absolutely beautiful, bamboo is safe and the most Eco-friendly material to work with.

Bamboo cutting board

Bamboo is safe

So the USDA has long recommended plastic, saying that wood harbors bacteria due to being porous. The University of Wisconsin’s Food Research Institute decided to challenge the USDA’s claim. In their study they deliberately contaminated different cutting boards with bacteria commonly responsible for food poisoning. The result? Bacteria multiplied on the plastic boards, yet seemingly died within three minutes on the wooden boards. The USDA still claims the reason for this is because bacteria seeps down into the wood*.

But here is the thing, bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Simply washing your bamboo cookware with warm soapy water is enough to keep them clean and you never have to worry about any bacteria seeping into the wood.

Bambu plank

Bamboo is Eco-friendly

Actually bamboo is not wood,  it’s a grass. Who wood have guessed it! It’s hardier than maple and growing and harvesting it is sustainable for the planet. It can grow 3 to 4 feet per day and plants can reach adulthood in about three years, it doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides or even much water at all, and it releases 35% more oxygen into the air.

Not all bamboo produtcs are created equaly — My friends at MightyNest, who are sponsoring the giveway below favor the responsibly manufactured Bambu brand. You can enter to win an assortment of gorgeous Bambu products for yourself, and $100 for your school!

Bambu bread knife

I like Bambu because their products are beautiful and modern. They are dedicated to work locally with growers and crafters using sustainable methods.

Bambu Benefits

  • Made from organically grown bamboo
  • Bamboo absorbs little moisture and resists swelling and warping
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Finished with food-safe oils
Where to find Bambu

Visit to find Bambu products. MightyNest strives to help families live a healthier life and are committed to help communities do just that by donating 15% of your purchase to your school of choice. How cool are these guys!?


Win a Bambu set from the MightyNest

Now that you know what makes bamboo so great, wouldn’t you love to try it out? Just enter the MightyNest for Schools giveaway below and you could win a big bamboo cutting board and serving plank, plus a bamboo handled cheese plane and breaded knife for yourself, all you see pictured above, plus $100 for your school!

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*Reference: Schepers, A. (1997). Battle of the cutting boards: Plastic vs. wood–Round 2. Environmental Nutrition, 20(1), 2

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