Grandma’s Lye Soaps Review

Grandma's Laundry Soap

I have to be honest. Since switching all my personal care and hygiene products to natural and nontoxic alternatives, making soap has been on my “green bucket list”. It’s been over two years. If I can be completely honest, I’m intimidated by the idea of making soap at home. I mean, you must wear protective equipment enough to survive a chemical war when making soap!

Mmmm I’ll pass.

I am very interested, however, in soaps that are as natural as possible and with only a few ingredients. Not only because I look for products that don’t use harsh chemicals, but my little guy is sensitive even to products that use to much scents even if those are pure essential oils.

Grandma’s Lye Soaps

I am loving my Grandma’s Lye Soaps

  • Made from only three ingredients: water, lye, and food grade lard. Can’t find fewer ingredients than that!
  • They work! Their best seller, Grandma’s Lye Soap, is so gentle on the skin but it has the perfect combination or lathering and cleansing  without leaving the skin either dry or greasy like other natural soaps. I know they work because my test subject was a messy 2 year old!
  • All their products are made with the best ingredients, right here in the US.

Here are some of favorite Grandma’s products:

Grandma’s Pet Soap

Grandma's pet soap

If you have a dog, you need to get this one! I have two dogs, and one of them in particularly has always had dry and scaly skin. While not a terrible condition (or bothersome to her) it’s enough to be noticeable. With only a couple uses, I have definitely noticed an improvement on her skin. That’s huge for us!

Laundry Soap

Grandma's Laundry Soap and rub-on

Not a detergent! I was very skeptical of this one, in all honesty, because I am used to many natural and DIY detergent recipes, but it’s been working great on all our laundry! What’s even better, it is cloth diaper safe! Score! Paired with the rub-on laundry stick to remove stains, you have a perfect, and natural, laundry routine.

Grandma’s Beauty Bar

Grandma's beauty bar

Talk about a gentle soap bar! This is an oatmeal and goat’s milk soap with a light sweet scent. This one is perfect for sensitive skin. Normally I don’t wash my face with soap but I have been using this bar because during this pregnancy I am suffering from extra dry skin and this bar has been so gentle, cleansing and moisturizing at the same time.


I’m happy I came across these products. I feel good leaving soap-making to the pros, and having the convenience of having access to great, safe, and natural products that I know will work.

You can find Grandma Lye Soaps here, and discover all the other great products they offer like the Poison Ivy & Oak bar (my dad needs this, he gets poison ivy every year!) or their lotions. You can also join their community on Facebook and Twitter.


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