Non-Ionizing Radiation: What it is and how to protect yourself + a Belly Armor Giveaway


Did I tell you about the time I dissected an iguana for chemistry class in high school?  Chemistry has always been one of my favorite subjects. Taking chemistry recently as part of my nursing studies has sparked my love for all things science once again. It sure comes in handy when you are a mama on a mission to save your family from every possible harm out there: from decoding product labels to avoid toxic chemicals, to understanding what radiation and EMF are.

Surely at some point or another you have wondered about the dangers of radiation and EMF (electromagnetic fields). But as much as I love researching and science, lately I feel like we are so overloaded with possible environmental toxins that one would need a Ph. D. to decode all this information…and probably moved into a shack in the middle of nowhere and live off the land.

What is non-ionizing radiation?

Go get your librarian glasses and let’s get nerdy for one second. Non-ionizing radiation is energy in  low-frequency radiation traveling through space or mass that does not have enough power to ionize (charge) the atoms.

On the other side of the spectrum you have ionizing radiation such as x-rays, diagnostic machines, radiation therapy. All of these can alter DNA structure by producing free radicals due to frequency strength to release an electron from it’s atom.

Non-ionizing radiation is the type of radiation we are exposed to daily; microwaves, computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices emit electromagnetic fields (EMF), which is simple a type of non-ionizing radiation.

(Are you taking notes? I’ll be quizzing you at the end ;))

Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation

There have been many studies that focused on the effects of this type of radiation, as many as 25,000 articles have been published in the past 30 years. Yet, there is actually conflicting information of this topic. On one hand some studies have linked non-ionizing radiation from cell phones to brain tumors, some suggest women under 50 exposed to EMF at home have triple the risk of developing breast cancer. On the other hand, many experts suggest these studies have limitations and are inconclusive.

Non-Ionizing Radiation, EMF, and Pregnancy

This is the reason I started to look into this topic. As a pregnant mother I feel it is my responsibility to protect my child even while inutero because it is such a fragile and vulnerable stage of development.

Some studies have shown that children born to mothers exposed to an increased rate of non-ionizing radiation had three times the risk of developing asthma, as opposed to those born to mothers exposed to low radiation rates. Some other studies show adverse effect on the immunological system. EMF was also found to be linked to spontaneous abortions, low birth weight, and infertility. Others disagree and have concluded that there is no sufficient evidence to be linked to all these risk factors.

As a result some organizations like the FCC, CDC, EPA, and the American Cancer Society, have stated that non-ionizing radiation poses low to no risk and there is no health consequences to exposure to this type of radiation.

However, the WHO launched the EMF Project to continue researching the effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation, and all of these studies done, experts, and organizations, conclude with the same message: we should all exercise caution and try to limit our exposure to non-ionizing radiation by taking preventative measures. Hmmm, so to put that into lay terms, they say it’s safe but they aren’t sure of the true effects from radiation so we should protect ourselves. Gotcha.

How to Protect Yourself

I have chosen to protect myself from exposure to non-ionizing radiation simply because I just can’t toss my laptop and cell phone and move to the middle of nowhere. As a professional blogger and student my computer is, fortunately and unfortunately, a necessity.

  • Reduce your exposure to EMF from electronic devices by limiting usage
  • If this is not an option, switch your electronic devices to “airplane mode” when not in use
  • Whenever possible use your laptop on battery mode instead of directly being plugged to the source
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Eat a diet rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and green tea
  • Use Belly Armor

Belly Armor

Protect yourself from EMF with Belly Armor

Belly Armor  makes maternity apparel and accesories made with RadiaShield® Technology that effectively shields 99.9% of radiation. These are products made to protect yourself, your unborn, and newborn child from non-ionizing radiation.It works by neutralizes incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure.

What I love about Belly Armor is not simply the fact the they make products that help me protect myself and my pregnant belly, but they are recognized and partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World, the leading non-profit organization for public health issues affecting our children.

These are just some of the perks of Belly Armor

  • Effectively shield 99.9% of radiation from cell phones, laptops, and other devices
  • Stylish
  • Breathable and light weight materials
  • Machine washable
  • Free or heavy metals, toxic dyes, and common allergens
  • Won’t lose it’s efficacy over time

Oh and how I know it’s working? The cell phone test! Click here to see how, I did it and I know it works!

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  1. Heat and light are also non-ionizing radiation. Should you protect yourselves from those as well? Infrared radiation is still present even in conditions that would leave you hypothermic or frozen solid, and it has to be pitch black to get rid of all of the visible light.

    Point is, unless it is powerful enough to burn you, non-ionizing radiation is 100% harmless. We’ve had 100,000 watt radio transmitters in city blocks transmitting 24/7 for nearly a century now, but people are paranoid about a 0.5 milliwatt cell phone that runs maybe 1% of the time?

    I’m sure this comment will be deleted or not even appear, but it makes me upset when such terrible pseudoscience is spread to have people live in fear and market a product.

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