Meet Stephanie

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Hi there!

I am Stephanie, author and creator of Naturally Mindful.

I am really happy you are here, and I am humbled you are taking the time to learn more about me, this website, and my passions!



My Story

231192_10150245106081826_3688393_nIt all started when we brought our son from the hospital. One day during the sleepless haze of new motherhood, I was on our rocking chair  in one of the many marathon-style nursing session; I had an epiphany! If my tiny son was constantly on me, skin to skin, he’d also be in contact with the dozen beauty products that my daily personal care routine consisted of.

As luck would have it, while at the local public library one day I came across a book titled Green Babies, Sage Moms. I read it in a couple nursing sessions. The words kept jumping at me; “phthalates”, “parabens”, “carcinogens”, “toxic chemicals”…I did a quick inventory in my head of what I had around in our home and it wasn’t pretty. Almost immediately I threw away all the personal care products and cleaning products I had.

Change is coming

After the initial panic had settled I sprung into action. I spent countless hours reading articles, books, blogs, everything and anything to help me live a life free of toxic chemicals. The more I read the more of a “crunchy mama” I became.

Fat free is bad! Excuse me!?

I also discovered Real Food. Sadly, up until that point I had fallen pray to the mainstream nutritional advice: avoid fats, eat whole grains, beef and eggs will give you a heart attack–it’s almost as if food is our enemy! Fortunately, my philosophy now is food is enjoyable, food is nourishing; and yes, I eat heaps of butter, bacon, liver, whole milk, and I have never been healthier!

A blog is born!

I had to tell the world! Every time I heard a friend telling me they had just gotten a good deal on Dreft I wanted to scream “Noooo! Dreft contains chemicals linked to pancreatic cancer!” I started telling everyone about what I have learned and the changes I was making. How do you think that went? Not very good, let me tell you!

I realized something: people don’t like to hear that they are doing something wrong. I also realized if they are not already looking for this type of information, it is not well received. So a blog was born, naturally.

What I write about

So in an effort to save others from the anxiety I went through, I created this blog. Here you’ll find posts about:

Meet my Family


My husband and I have been together for over 10 years, we got married on August 9th, 2008. Our son was born in May, 2011, with a full head of hair, and now we are expecting another little one sometime this Summer!

My husband is quiet, I’m loud, he is shy, I talk to the walls, he saves, I spend–we are the perfect partnership! Our son is silly like his mama, and a sports enthusiast like his daddy.

I am also a furmom of two Dachshunds, Peanut and Roxie. They are awesome with the baby, but for the most part the prefer cuddles to tails and ears being pulled.


Some fun facts about me:
  • Two years in a row I volunteered through our church to visit and work with an organization called El Hogar, a home and school for kids 8825_177742856825_3351760_neither orphaned or from extreme poverty in Tegucigalpa, Hondura. And I wish I could go back every year.
  • I was born in El Salvador, and as true Latina, I am at my happiest when listening to Salsa; which I play whenever I am cleaning or cooking!
  • I am afraid of fish. I had a panic attack while snorkeling in Mexico during our Honeymoon. Don’t laugh!
  • If I could attempt any profession it would be musical theater…but I can’t even carry a tune!

I write because of you

Sure, English is my second language and grammar doesn’t come easily sometimes, but I write because I know somewhere out there a parent is having the same epiphany I had, and is feeling the same anxiety I did. If one piece of information can help you in any way, I consider my job done.  And when I get comments I like these, I find the motivation to keep going.

  • Pages like yours are changing so many lives. Keep up the great job! -Emily
  • I never really thought about it like this but it make so much sense. Thanks for all these great tips. -Carol
  • Thank you so much for this!!! Makes my life so much easier!!! -Will

I hope you stick around, and walk together this awesome path of natural living!