Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom to her curly-haired two year old son, a nursing student, dog lover, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to share her tips on making green and healthy living attainable to families getting
started in the wonderful world of eco-consciousness. She believes in
real food and living as natural as possible…and why not, leaving behind a
better planet for our children.

What is Real Food?

Real Food. The term is everywhere now. But, what exactly is Real Food? I knew I had to write this post after two conversations I had with someone. The first one was at a restaurant. I had ordered crème brûlée (one of my all time faves) and I turn to my husband and I said […]

DIY Natural Deodorant

  DIY natural deodorant. The holy grail of the crunchy world. If you use homemade deodorant or are looking to start making your own, you have arrived, friend. Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. There is a misconception about us crunchy people, and that is that we reek of BO or that we smell like […]

The Kids’ Menu: Creating Picky Eaters and Sickening New Generations

Children naturally like healthy unprocessed food, but they are hardly exposed to it from the early stages of their life and as a result we end up with that so-called “picky” eater or the child who is perpetually sick. Children are not picky because it’s a normal behavior -like we hear at the pediatrician’s office- […]

Green Cleaning for Carpets

Carpets. Ugh. I don’t know you but I hate them, yet it seems hard to avoid them. Everyone has at least area rugs, and some of us whole rooms with wall to wall carpeting. The thing about carpets is that they trap dust, dust mites, and any pollution brought into your home (lawn chemicals, animal […]

$50 Button Diapers Gift Certificate Giveaway

Last month I told you that I had found my favorite new diapers. Don’t remember? No problem, you can click here and read my review, but I’m just going to tell you quickly why they have become my favorite diaper anyway 🙂

5 Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

When I first got started in this path to live naturally and eat Real Food I read books, I watched documentaries, I googled, I visited blogs and websites. I had a thousand questions. Why? What? When? Where? How? The reason I played with the words and named my blog Naturally Mindful is because I wanted […]

Homemade Soothing Baby Oil {Recipe & Free Label}

As parents we are so diligent about keeping toxic substances away from our precious children. So when they become mobile we quickly lock up under sinks and cabinets all those conventional cleaning products, car oils, paints, etc. Except we forget one. Baby oil. You read that right. Baby oil can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, […]

Product Spotlight: Button Diapers

Oh dear fluff! I love me some cloth diapers. If you are a cloth diapering mama, or know someone who is, you probably know we are pretty much obsessed with them. But by know I have honed my cloth diapers skills and I know what work for us and what doesn’t. When Button Diapers approached […]

Ask the Expert: Lea Harris, Certified Aromatherapist

Welcome to Ask the Expert. A weekly series featuring Natural Living Experts answering your question. I have the pleasure to welcoming Lea Harris, Certified Aromatherapist, to tell us all about essential oil. Want to contribute your questions to this series? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Dear Kathie Lee and Hoda (mostly Kathie Lee)

On Wednesday January 15 Kathie Lee and Hoda of the Today Show publicly shamed a woman for not shampooing her hair for 5 years. If you hang around the natural circles, you are familiar with the no’poo method. Click here to watch (fastforward to 6:40). Kathie Lee and Hoda may have made fun of Jacquelyn […]