Homemade Apple-Pomegranate Soda

This is what soda is supposed to be like; fizzy, sweet, refreshing, nourishing, and all naturally. On my last post I told you about the wonders or water kefir, and now you know this fermented drink is a good ally for our gut health. You can see the quick tutorial how to brew it at […]

How to Make Water Kefir (a quick tutorial)

Kefir (pronounced KEH-feer) conjures the image of a creamy drink, known for its probiotics powers. Water kefir is milk kefir’s less popular cousin. Water kefir is a fermented beverage made form water, sugar, and kefir grains. Although these are not actually grains, but are called grains due to their gran-like appearance. Kefir grains are a […]

My Guest Post at Girl Meets Nourishment: Soft Scrub & Mold Killer for Tub and Tile

I know not many people like to scrub the bathroom, I actually do like it. I know weird. The bathroom is just one of those places one must keep up with, or it can easily get out control. Especially if your bathroom has no windows or any other type of ventilation mold can be a […]

Halloween Themed Taggie Blanket Tutorial

I realize kids, usually 2 and older, get really excited about Halloween. But what about the littlest? There are so many new babies around me right now that I felt they deserve a Halloween treat as well. Disclosure: this is my first sewing project. As in, ever. So if you have good eyes and notice […]

Easy Homemade Fermented ketchup

When I was little I was obsessed with ketchup. Eventually I grew out if, only adding it to socially accepted ketchup-worthy foods. Later in life when I started learning about ingredients, I swore it off…until I discovered homemade ketchup! I mean, have you seen the ingredient list on some of those commercial ketchup bottles? High […]

10 Amazing DIY Body Scrubs

Don’t you just love how scrumptious body scrubs are? They are healthy for the skin, removing dead cell, aiding the skin in new cell regeneration, helping prevent body acne, moisturizing the skin…the list goes on. I like them because it feels like a mini trip to the spa every time I use one. You can […]

Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub

What’s not to enjoy about body scrubs? The feeling of pampering one’s skin is utterly relaxing. Even better when the ingredients are nothing but nurturing and nourishing to the skin, instead of sketchy, potentially toxic chemicals. Commercially available scrubs are full of ingredients that have been link anywhere from skin irritants to carcinogens (read more […]

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes

Have you been wanting to switch to more natural cleaning products? Let’s talk about why would we want to ditch conventional cleaning products. They can wreck havoc on our health. Did you know their effects can range from asthma to hormone disruption and cancer? DIY Non-toxic Cleaning Recipes Written by Heather Dessinger of the very […]

How to Get a Natural Pedicure {+ Ginger Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe for Tired and Painful Feet}

I haven’t had a pedicure since before my son was born. He is two years old! No, don’t feel sorry for me, I treat my tootsies to soothing and natural pedicures done by me. If you know of any salon that does ALL NATURAL pedicures let me know, but I’ve yet to find one! It […]

Green Cleaning: Orange-Infused Vinegar

You know I am not a fan of conventional cleaning products; they are highly toxic. Their effects range from skin irritation to even cancer, they are bad for the environment, and God forbid little Junior got a hold of one of those bottles under the sink! Vinegar is so versatile; it can clean almost anything. […]