DIY: Create to Toy Box

This is my first upcycled or repurposed project. I’m not crafty, at all. But I have two big reasons to be crafty: 1) upcycling it’s gentler on the environment; it means I didn’t have to buy something new which in turn it means no resources were used in order to produce the item I wanted, […]

DIY: Natural Eye Makeup Remover

This is why I don’t like conventional eye makeup removers: They are expensive, anywhere from $7.99 for Neutrogena to $28 for Lancome. The ingredients lists are at best sketchy, at worst highly toxic (and that goes in your eyes!) Some don’t really get the job done The picture above can be found on a website […]

DIY: Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray (alcohol free)

If our hands could talk! Just think about everything we touch on the course of one day, and all the germs we are exposed to…excuse me while I go wash my hands… Although it is a good idea to keep our hands clean to prevent the spread of disease, commercial sanitizing gels may not be […]

Top 10 Posts of 2012

How is 2012 over? Despite neglecting this blog for a good part of last year I’m so happy to see you kept coming back and that there are some posts you really liked! Here are the top 10 post of 2012! 1. Natural Flea Prevention 2. 5 Natural Stain Removers 3. Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid […]

DIY: Seasoned Salt

Martha Stewart, move over! OK, I may not be the next Martha but there’s something about making your own fill in the blank that makes you feel like a domestic diva. Typical seasoned salt can have ingredients that have no business being in our foods. Additives like MSG, sugar, and preservatives. By making your own […]

Zero Guilt Treat: Crispy Lemon Kale Chips

Not a fan of kale? Don’t worry, try these chip and you’ll convert. I first heard about kale chips whenGweneth Paltrow was on Ellen promoting her cook book. It’s no secret leafy green are packed with antioxidants, so much so, that they are recommended for women with the HPV virus to counteract the effects of […]

5 Natural Stain Removing Solutions

Lemon juice and sun is mother nature’s bleach Who hasn’t dealt with stains on their clothes. Favorite shirt ruined by a grease stain, grass stain on their kids clothes, dirt on their husbands pants. I used to have an arsenal of stain removers by the washer, anything from bleach to oxiclean. Until of course I found […]

DIY: Nontoxic Laundry Detergent

When my little one was only a couple months old we were told he had eczema, and after hours of research, I was not happy with what I found out. Our pediatrician recommended to switch to everything that says “scent free” but my research led me to find out even those “gentle” “for baby” “pediatrician approved” […]

Mother’s Day Gift: Pound Cake Body Scrub

I have mentioned before that as a SAHM (stay at home mom) frugality is a part of our lifestyle so this Mother’s Day when I started thinking about what to give my mom I decided it needed it to be made from whatever I had around, it had to be nontoxic and eco-friendly, and it […]