Sage Infused Vinegar

Cleaning with a solution of equal parts white distilled vinegar and water is by far one of the most effective ways to clean, not to mention one of the safest you your health, your family’s, and yes, even the environment. Add the power of herbs, and you have one super cleaning solution. In this case […]

Homemade All Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo

My interest in nontoxic products started with my son. I have mentioned before how just fresh from the hospital, in the haze of no sleep and hour long nursing sessions something clicked in me, the products I used for personal care had toxins in them. Almost immediately I threw everything out, and replaced them with […]

Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub

What’s not to enjoy about body scrubs? The feeling of pampering one’s skin is utterly relaxing. Even better when the ingredients are nothing but nurturing and nourishing to the skin, instead of sketchy, potentially toxic chemicals. Commercially available scrubs are full of ingredients that have been link anywhere from skin irritants to carcinogens (read more […]

How to Reduce Food Waste in 4 Simple Ways

You may not think of it, but food waste has a big impact on the environment. Sure, for the most part food waste can be composted or it eventually decomposes in the landfill, but the EPA reports that the US produces 34 billion tons of perishable food waste each year. When you think about the […]

Green Cleaning: Orange-Infused Vinegar

You know I am not a fan of conventional cleaning products; they are highly toxic. Their effects range from skin irritation to even cancer, they are bad for the environment, and God forbid little Junior got a hold of one of those bottles under the sink! Vinegar is so versatile; it can clean almost anything. […]

DIY: Create to Toy Box

This is my first upcycled or repurposed project. I’m not crafty, at all. But I have two big reasons to be crafty: 1) upcycling it’s gentler on the environment; it means I didn’t have to buy something new which in turn it means no resources were used in order to produce the item I wanted, […]

DIY: Natural Eye Makeup Remover

This is why I don’t like conventional eye makeup removers: They are expensive, anywhere from $7.99 for Neutrogena to $28 for Lancome. The ingredients lists are at best sketchy, at worst highly toxic (and that goes in your eyes!) Some don’t really get the job done The picture above can be found on a website […]

DIY: Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray (alcohol free)

If our hands could talk! Just think about everything we touch on the course of one day, and all the germs we are exposed to…excuse me while I go wash my hands… Although it is a good idea to keep our hands clean to prevent the spread of disease, commercial sanitizing gels may not be […]

Squishy Snak Pak: Review + Giveaway {and Recipes, too}

What’s better than those convenient baby food pouches? A reusable pouch! I’d like to introduce you to the Squishy Snak Pak. It is a reusable food pouch you fill from the bottom. It is made from BPA free materials and features a heavy duty zip closure. It is dishwasher safe, so you can wash and […]

Top 10 Posts of 2012

How is 2012 over? Despite neglecting this blog for a good part of last year I’m so happy to see you kept coming back and that there are some posts you really liked! Here are the top 10 post of 2012! 1. Natural Flea Prevention 2. 5 Natural Stain Removers 3. Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid […]