5 Exercises That Allow Expecting Mothers To Stay Fit

A word from Stephanie… I’d like to welcome Kaitlin Gardner to this little corner of the web. Kaitlin is visiting us from An Apple Per Day, and is bringing expectant moms a great article on fitness. I know squeezing physical activities during my pregnancies helped have not only a healthy pregnancy but also a great […]

Blooming Belly Oil

What is this obsession women have about preventing stretch marks or trying to erase existing ones? I’m not going to lie, it’s what’s on my mind now that I am pregnant. Even though through all my research I came to the conclusion that there isn’t much one can do to prevent them except for gaining […]

Nourishing Facial Serum for Dry and Mature Skin

“Mature skin”. Shudders. That’s the category my skin falls into now. Mature skin. I remember when I was 16 and my mother was admiring my flawless skin and told me now was the time to start taking care of my facial skin. Did I listen? Of course not! After all the “superman/woman syndrome” is at […]

Get Rid of Static Naturally

Static. Maker of Albert Einstein hairdos, attractive skirts sticking to the legs, and that pleasant electric shock when getting towels out of the dryer. What’s static? I’m not going to bore you with a physics lecture about the electrical charges of atoms, because let’s face it, I wasn’t paying attention in High School when I […]

DIY Natural Deodorant

  DIY natural deodorant. The holy grail of the crunchy world. If you use homemade deodorant or are looking to start making your own, you have arrived, friend. Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. There is a misconception about us crunchy people, and that is that we reek of BO or that we smell like […]

5 Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

When I first got started in this path to live naturally and eat Real Food I read books, I watched documentaries, I googled, I visited blogs and websites. I had a thousand questions. Why? What? When? Where? How? The reason I played with the words and named my blog Naturally Mindful is because I wanted […]

Ask the Expert: Lea Harris, Certified Aromatherapist

Welcome to Ask the Expert. A weekly series featuring Natural Living Experts answering your question. I have the pleasure to welcoming Lea Harris, Certified Aromatherapist, to tell us all about essential oil. Want to contribute your questions to this series? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Homemade All-Natural Belly Butter

  I remember being pregnant. And I remember being worried about stretch marks. Let’s be honest, every pregnant woman worries about stretch marks and secretly wishes for good luck and a perfect belly skin. My mom got a lot of stretch marks while pregnant with my brother and I. I was worried. They say stretch […]

Hormone Balancing Tonic

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is a post I wrote for my friend Faith at Nourishing Herbalist, where I give the recipe for my hormone balancing tonic, a tonic that did wonders for my health.  Keep reading for an excerpt. Some time ago my health was not in an optimal state. My body had […]

The Ultimate Guide to Green Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Gal

    Do you have an Eco-friendly gal in your shopping list for this holidays and drawing a blank what to buy them? Or are you an Eco-girl and want to make sure this year’s giving is as green as possible?