DIY: Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray (alcohol free)

If our hands could talk! Just think about everything we touch on the course of one day, and all the germs we are exposed to…excuse me while I go wash my hands… Although it is a good idea to keep our hands clean to prevent the spread of disease, commercial sanitizing gels may not be […]

Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

This offender here is rated 5 in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database On my last post I told you about the hidden dangers on beauty products. Unfortunately the industry is poorly regulated. Allowing just about any ingredient to be used in personal and beauty products, claims of products benefits to be misleading as well as the lack of […]

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a recovering beauty product addict. Hi, Stephanie. I’m not going to lie, kicking this habit in order to use more natural, healthy products hasn’t been easy. I use to hear angels sing every time I went to a drugstore spending upwards of $50 per trip, everything form nail polish […]

Mother’s Day Gift: Pound Cake Body Scrub

I have mentioned before that as a SAHM (stay at home mom) frugality is a part of our lifestyle so this Mother’s Day when I started thinking about what to give my mom I decided it needed it to be made from whatever I had around, it had to be nontoxic and eco-friendly, and it […]