5 Simple Steps to a Safe and Eco-Friendly Pregnancy + a Giveaway

I love being pregnant, I truly feel like a blossoming flower, I love my bump, and I love the marvelous work my body is doing, and I love striving to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. With baby on the way, your attention has probably turned to how to have a safer and greener pregnancy. You […]

Win an Organic Twin Matress! a $599 value

Welcome to the Organic Sparrow Kids Mattress Giveaway, sponsored by Nest Bedding and hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network! I’m excited to be participating in this giveaway and offering you the chance to win a twin sized Organic Sparrow Kids Mattress from Nest Bedding! This mattress is affordable, non-toxic and natural. It’s […]

Eco-Friendly Activities for Children + a giveaway!

I have a little confession. Most days I worry that I am not enriching my child’s world. You’ll see, I stay home with him during the day and some night I attend school, but I also run my business (this blog) from home; so technically I am a stay-at-home-mom and a work-from-home-mom. Being home means […]

Grandma’s Lye Soaps Review

I have to be honest. Since switching all my personal care and hygiene products to natural and nontoxic alternatives, making soap has been on my “green bucket list”. It’s been over two years. If I can be completely honest, I’m intimidated by the idea of making soap at home. I mean, you must wear protective […]

Homemade Calming Baby Powder

Baby powder is one of those quintessential baby products. We picture a sweet scent, a mom putting it over a soft baby bum…an idyllic picture. Until we look closer at the ingredients in commercial baby powder.

Dear Kathie Lee and Hoda (mostly Kathie Lee)

On Wednesday January 15 Kathie Lee and Hoda of the Today Show publicly shamed a woman for not shampooing her hair for 5 years. If you hang around the natural circles, you are familiar with the no’poo method. Click here to watch (fastforward to 6:40). Kathie Lee and Hoda may have made fun of Jacquelyn […]

How to Stock a Healthy Pantry + a $275 Giveaway to Get You Started!

My road to Real Food has been a long process. I continue to learn, and my palate continues to discover. But it can be overwhelming. I know. Having a healthy stock pantry is like opening a store and not knowing what your inventory is. A well-stocked pantry is the foundation for not just good, healthy […]

Ask the Expert: Sarah Outlaw, Certified Health Coach and Herbalist

Welcome to Ask the Expert. A weekly series featuring Natural Living Experts answering your question. I have the pleasure to welcoming Sarah Outlaw, certified herbalist, to tell us all about herbs. Want to contribute your questions to this series? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Win a Vitamix Courtesy of Your Favorite Bloggers!

I love my Vitamix, I love making all kinds of recipes with it. For example, I love making smoothies; they are an easy way to get many nutrient all in one glass! If you don’t believe me check out my smoothie round-up, lots and lots of smoothie recipes!   Also, I love you, wonderful readers! […]

November Giveaway $400 Amazon Gift Card

 Update: Giveaway is now closed. See Rafflecopter below to see the winner Another month, another giveaway! I asked you on Facebook what you’d like to win and you said a prepaid $400 Amazon gift card. So some of my friends are I have come together once again to bring you this awesome prize! $400 all […]