Green Your Halloween in 3 Simple Steps

Don’t you love when the air gets crisp, the leaves turn and start to fall? Fall is definitely here, which means Halloween is around the corner. It is my husband’s favorite holiday. He says it’s because of all the candy. I have to disagree. I believe it is possible to enjoy a holiday without abusing […]

Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash (3 Recipes!)

Why wash our fruit and veggies? For one, if you are not buying organic produce it means that delicious looking apple is tainted with pesticides or herbicides, or both. Even if you buy organic produce, think about all the possible hands it may have come in contact with, from the moment it was harvested to […]

Homemade Elderberry Gummies: Vitamin C Treats

Have you ever noticed the ingredients on gummy fruit snacks? They are mostly high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and flavors, and gelatin. Gummy fruit snacks don’t have to be just empty calories packed with harmful chemicals, these homemade elderberry gummies are healthy in that there is no junk in them but they are actually […]

May Link Love: What I loved and Learned This Month

Oh what a month May has been… May is one of my favorite months because my son turned two years old, and Mother’s Day falls in May–and becoming a mother is what got me started in this healthy living path! What I loved… My ginger peppermint foot scrub recipe. Here I tell you how to […]

What’s Happened to Our Food System?

I’m so excited to finally welcome our new Nutrition & Dietetics expert, Alma Simmons. Alma is a Registered Dietician, wife, mom, and my friend. She and I share so many interests and have dreams the size of Texas for future projects and I am so happy we have finally started to collaborate together.  Alma will […]

My 5 Green and Healthy Goals for 2013

When it comes to being green, well, I’m still spring green but I want to be evergreen green. To most of my friends and family I drank the cool-aid long time ago and I’m now “one of those people”. But I am a work I’m progress, and that is OK. A wise person once said “the moment […]

New Year, New You…er Me!

Happy new year! I hope your holidays, whichever you celebrate, were joyful! Where have I been? What’s new? What’s to come? Well, as some of you may have noticed I have been MIA for a few months. I really appreciate you for sticking around and for a couple emails asking me when I would get […]

The Power of One

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something” You must have heard the quote before. Cliche. Cheesy. Oh so true. It’s no secret I began this eco-friendly journey after I had my son. He is the reason I got started. He is the reason I started this blog. I felt so passionately about what I’ve been […]

How Green is Your Phone? 5 Great Free Apps for Your Smart Phone

I don’t know how I ever lived without my iPhone. Sure, I had a “smart phone” and it had apps but since the first day I played around with my new iPhone, I was hooked! So it’s no surprised that as soon as I got my iPhone the first apps I downloaded were “green” apps. […]

Quick Green Tip: Recycling Old Rugs, Towels Or Bedding

Not sure what to do with old rugs, old towels or any bedding that have seen better days? Before you send them to the landfill consider a couple options Look around the house to see if you can reuse them, old worn towel make perfect cleaning rags. Check Pinterest for any craft ideas. Check with […]