Resources For Bloggers

Resources for Bloggers

I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. In fact, I am as non-techie as they come! But because I have gone through the growing pains figuring it all out by myself as I grew, I thought I would put together a list of resources and tools that have help me along the way.


A Host

Once I graduated from Blogger to WordPress I needed a host. I went with Hostgator because the price couldn’t be beat, and they are always running some type of promotion or discount. They provide unlimited space and bandwidth, and you can also register your domain with them. For someone starting out, this is a good place to get you started.


Genesis Theme Framework for WordPressGenesis Framework

After my research I decided to go with Genesis because many bloggers that start in WordPress eventually make the leap to either Thesis or Genesis which is what most professional and popular bloggers use. You’ll want to purchase the framework, along with a child theme.


StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesChild Theme

Although WordPress has thousands of free themes, if you are running on the Genesis Framework, you’ll want to buy a child theme. They are easily customizable, or you can have yours custom designed designed, as I did. My site is on the Balance Theme and it looks pretty (and just as I envisioned it) thanks to the work of  Lauren Gray.


Blogelina Blogger to WordPress TransferMoving to WordPress

As many bloggers, I started in the platform Blogger, but it comes a time that outgrow it and the move to WordPress is inevitable. I can’t imagine doing it myself, I had heard enough horror stories to attempt the move myself. Luckily I had the help of Tanya from Blogelina. Thanks to her my move was painless and quick.
A Good Camera

I have a confession, for a good chunk of time I was using my iPhone to take pictures that I posted on my blog, and it shows. What a difference a good camera makes. I use a Cannon Rebel, and although I am not a photographer by any means my pictures look a lot nicer now.


Tasty Food Photography eBookTake Good Pictures

As I mentioned above, I am not a photographer, so I’ve had to learn how to take good pictures, I am not quite there yet, but this book, Tasty Food Photography, has really helped me. Good pictures are important as a blogger, it is after all the first thing people noticed. A good picture gets Pinned on Pinterest, a good picture gets shared on Facebook; it is how your work gets showcased.

Other tools that are just as important
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is by far my biggest source for referrals on any given day. This goes back to taking good pictures, people on Pinterest like to pin beautiful pictures.
  • Google Is Your Friend. Seriously, I don’t know what I would go without Google. A quick search will must likely direct you to whatever it is you need or are looking for
  • Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is always someone willing to help or point you in the right direction.