5 Exercises That Allow Expecting Mothers To Stay Fit

A word from Stephanie… I’d like to welcome Kaitlin Gardner to this little corner of the web. Kaitlin is visiting us from An Apple Per Day, and is bringing expectant moms a great article on fitness. I know squeezing physical activities during my pregnancies helped have not only a healthy pregnancy but also a great […]

Non-Ionizing Radiation: What it is and how to protect yourself + a Belly Armor Giveaway

Did I tell you about the time I dissected an iguana for chemistry class in high school?  Chemistry has always been one of my favorite subjects. Taking chemistry recently as part of my nursing studies has sparked my love for all things science once again. It sure comes in handy when you are a mama […]

Blooming Belly Oil

What is this obsession women have about preventing stretch marks or trying to erase existing ones? I’m not going to lie, it’s what’s on my mind now that I am pregnant. Even though through all my research I came to the conclusion that there isn’t much one can do to prevent them except for gaining […]

Herbal Pregnancy Tea

During my last pregnancy I was not “crunchy” at all. I was on the SAD (Standard American Diet) and was taking prenatal vitamins that contained artificial and GMO ingredients. I had to forgive myself because I simply didn’t know better. Not this time, as a crunchy pregnant mama, this time around I am doing things […]